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Arturo Mejia
Adult Education + Leadership Development

Arturo is a pastor, community developer, and dedicated family man. Originally from Mexico, he loves living in the US, a place he describes as “having no boarders on dreams.” It was in the US that he was introduced to Christ and began a new adventure of living into his faith.

In 2005 Arturo married his wonderful wife Sharling (who also invests a great deal of time at inCOMMON), and welcomed their firstborn Julia Margaret into the world in 2014.

Arturo possesses a deep passion for the Hispanic community. He says, “Although there’s great risk of rejection in giving yourself to others, I can’t idly stand by as my community suffers from fear and insecurity while trying to make a life for themselves in a new society. This is my motivation for getting involved in the community – to see my people find a better way of life.”

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