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Sharling Mejia
Relationship Development

Sharling was born in Mexico and moved to the States in 2004 to further her education. As it turned out, the US had more for her than just education… four days after she arrived she met my now husband, Arturo! 11 months later they were married and began their exciting new journey together.

A few short years later, Sharling and Arturo began the hard but rewarding work of earning their GED degree through the Latino Center of the Midlands. In addition to pursuing their education, they began to develop a heart for serving our community. They spent the next couple years sharing God’s love with inmates in the Douglas County jail. In 2014 they welcomed their first beautiful baby girl, Julia Margaret, into the world!

In 2014, Sharling and Arturo also met the staff of inCOMMON as they were doing outreach and listening in the community. Sharling quickly took the opportunity to volunteer by teaching Spanish and serving on the community health task force. In 2016 she officially joined the inCOMMON staff team and exclaims, “I feel so blessed to be able to show God’s love to the Hispanic community around the Park Avenue area!”

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