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Listening Project

“Pioneered by Rural Southern Voice for Peace, the Listening Project is a unique approach to improving vulnerable neighborhoods. Rather than starting with the solutions of experts, inCOMMON turns to the people.” – Metro Neighborhood News


The Listening Project is an ongoing, “deep listening” exercise with area residents that helps inCOMMON identify the following: resident and neighborhood assets, local leadership, and promising ideas for addressing community challenges. The primary goal of the Listening Project is to empower area residents in building a stronger, safer, and more vibrant neighborhood for themselves and for future generations who might otherwise grow up under the detrimental conditions of poverty.


Our project uses listening booths, listening circles and one-hour interviews that let neighbors express their thoughts and ideas, concerns, suggestions, and stories to an active listener.

  1. Be trained by inCOMMON as a Listening Project volunteer.
  2. Conduct Listening interviews with us in the neighborhood.
  3. Conduct Listening “circles” (where previously interviewed residents gather together to further discuss identified topics of interest).
    • Would you like to be interviewed?  Call or email us!
      • 402.933.6672
      • info@inCOMMONcd.org

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