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Neighbors United

Identifying the local faith community as a major asset in the Park Avenue neighborhood, inCOMMON has led the way in the formation of Neighbors United – a neighborhood collaboration composed of 12 interfaith communities working together to relationally respond in service to the needs and hopes of local neighbors. Every Saturday morning at 11:30, approximately 150-200 community members and volunteers enjoy a meal together while getting to know one another. The primary goal of the Community Meals is to cultivate relationships among area residents, as well as develop CommonLife relationships.

  1. Meal providers – Mobilize a small group (e.g. church or social group) to provide and serve a meal on a one-time or ongoing basis. Please plan for 250-300 meals.
  2. Hospitality volunteers – Simply enjoy a meal with our friends and guests. Really, it’s that easy (but also a super important part of what we do)!
  3. Trader Joe’s – Pick up donated food from Trader Joe’s every Saturday and package/distribute during Community Meal.

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