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You Are Here is a community-based public art project designed to celebrate the people, places, and stories of Park Avenue, a historic community home to more than 12,000 of Omaha’s residents.


This vibrant urban area that has undergone an extensive number of physical, social, economic, and cultural changes over the last five years. Although the majority of these changes have been positive, the gap between the haves and have-nots has intensified. As new market-rate apartments bring in new residents and resources, 34 percent of Park Avenue residents, and 46 percent of Park Avenue children, live in poverty. You Are Here aims to “weave” these two communities together through a series of interview-inspired artworks that reflect the diversity of the area while uncovering its emerging collective identity. You Are Here will give voice to area residents, unite neighbors, and inspire community pride and ownership.

inCOMMON and artist Watie White will host a listening and interviewing process with neighborhood residents and businesses along Park Avenue and work with them to uncover emergent themes. Watie will then work with residents to translate the unique voices, stories and experiences into a series of public artworks. Poster-sized screen prints will be installed in 30 locations throughout the Park Avenue business district.

The project will culminate in a massive 100-foot tall mural installed on the north side of the Park North public housing tower at the intersection of Park and Woolworth.


inCOMMON Community Development

Watie White Studio

Omaha Housing Authority

Ford Birthsite Neighborhood Association

Hanscom Park Neighborhood Association

Leavenworth Neighborhood Association

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