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Neighborhoods - as the context of where life is lived - provide an extraordinary opportunity to alleviate poverty at a “cause” or “root” level.

If a neighborhood is strong and thriving, it's more likely neighborhood residents will enjoy these same traits in both their personal and community life.

many neighborhoods face
great challenges...

As a result of living in such environments, residents and families are denied many basic opportunities for life wellbeing and success.

The work of strengthening vulnerable neighborhoods, then, provides our community the strategic window needed to
stop poverty before it even starts.

In response to this opportunity,
inCOMMON Community Development
unites + strengthens vulnerable neighborhoods.

Through a variety of community-based initiatives, residents are finding ways to rebuild their neighborhoods together, as well as setting a new course away from poverty and toward sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

Join us in partnering with residents in this work of Transforming Communities Through Community

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