Who We Are

Elizabeth Matthews
ESL Coordinator

Elizabeth was born in Mexico, and started her journey as an immigrant in the United States at the age of 9.  She was blessed with humble, selfless, hardworking parents whom she credits with her success as a wife, a mother of six, and a business entrepreneur. Elizabeth points to her family as her motivation to persevere through life’s challenges, all of which have contributed to her hard-working and resilient spirit.

Her parents also played a formative role in her strong desire to help others, which ultimately led her to join the team at inCOMMON. As someone who experienced a language barrier first hand, she is driven to help people and make a difference.  She began her involvement at inCOMMON as an ESL volunteer, an experience that helped further blossom her love and passion for helping people. She loves hearing people’s stories of success, goals, gratitude and hope. Elizabeth says, “It is an honor to be part of this selfless organization who is dedicated to helping our community.”

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