Mustaches 4 Kids – Team Archetype!

Meet the team of growers for Team Archetype! We’re growing these gorgeous lip carpets because we want all kids in our community thrive, regardless of their zip code. 

Click one or more grower profiles below to make a donation. Your support will help our friends at inCOMMON build a new community center in Walnut Hill!

Austin Yong

Baby Bruce

Terry Mowry

Young Vincent Price

David Kopti


Colby Jenkins

Flirt Reynolds

Emiliano Lerda

El Dudorino

Jeff Spiehs

The Spiehs Stache

Sean Jackson

Sham Elliott

Paul Menefee


John Williams

Sheriff Bodie

Joshua Foo


Ryan Elder


Jesus Iniquez

John F Williams

Jarin Mullenix

The Glorious Mouth Mane

Nick Scott

Virginia Slim

Isaiah Sheese

$Money Maker$

Jason Burkum

Tobias Flanders

Christian Gray

King Harald Fairhair’s Bane, aka Thunder Snow