The Neighborhood

Welcome to The Neighborhood

At inCOMMON we believe that no one should have to face a lifetime of poverty simply because of the zip code they were born into. And we know you feel the same.

To ensure neighbors in vulnerable neighborhoods have the resources they need to transform their communities into places of strength and opportunity for their kids and future generations to grow up in, friends of inCOMMON established The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood is a giving community made up of caring individuals and organizations who donate on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, or annually). These sustaining gifts help inCOMMON plan its annual budget and make the most of every dollar received.

In addition to supporting inCOMMON’s critical work, when you join The
Neighborhood you join a community of impassioned people committed to seeing poverty upended at the roots by uplifting local leadership. Members of The Neighborhood are invited to special gatherings and events that connect us to inCOMMON’s work and to each other (click here to see a list of members of The Neighborhood).

Join The Neighborhood today by reaching out to Christian Gray (christian@inCOMMONcd.og) and/or signing up for a reccurring gift at

Already a member of The Neighborhood, make sure you claim your Complimentary, Limited Edition “Love thy Neighborhood” t-shirt here! (Please email if you did not receive a promo code in the mail!)