Our Neighborhoods

With the help of inCOMMON, today’s neighbors overcome poverty through increased economic self-sufficiency. Tomorrow’s neighbors evade poverty altogether by growing up in a strong and vibrant environment. And, strengthening vulnerable neighborhoods positively impacts surrounding neighborhoods by creating stability and safety for all residents.  Support inCOMMON today and be a part of the transformation of both Park Avenue and Walnut Hill!

Park Avenue

When inCOMMON set to work with local residents in 2008, Park Avenue was defined by its challenges: disinvestment, crime, prostitution, and disorder. Today it’s known as a place of vibrancy, growth, and opportunity. We’re proud to have contributed to these improvements alongside area residents and partners:

  • Engagement of over 2,000 residents annually
  • 300 participants active in programming annually
  • Conversion of an empty lot into a pocket playground
  • Regular beautification projects (public art, tree planting, cleanups, etc.)
  • Development of 75 quality, affordable housing units
  • Installation of a soccer field in Hanscom Park
  • Development of a comprehensive neighborhood plan

Much work remains in addressing economic disparity. We are committed to ensuring current residents can benefit from the current growth and much-needed investment in their neighborhood and – most importantly – stay there.


Walnut Hill

In 2019, inCOMMON extend its mission into Walnut Hill. This historic, North Omaha area possesses a wide array of assets, but as with many disinvested neighborhoods, also faces significant challenges. Today, over one in four residents lives in poverty.

Building upon our decade of learning in Park Avenue, work in Walnut Hill has begun. We are listening to and developing relationships with residents, assessing their strengths, and learning about their dreams for the future. Future plans include neighborhood planning, home ownership support, and playground and community center development.  

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