Park Avenue

When inCOMMON set to work with local residents in 2008, Park Avenue was defined by its challenges: disinvestment, crime, prostitution, and disorder. Today it’s known as a place of vibrancy, growth, and opportunity. We’re proud to have contributed to these improvements alongside area residents and partners:

  • Engagement of over 2,000 residents annually
  • 300 participants active in programming annually
  • Conversion of an empty lot into a pocket playground
  • Regular beautification projects (public art, tree planting, cleanups, etc.)
  • Development of 75 quality, affordable housing units
  • Installation of a soccer field in Hanscom Park
  • Creation of a comprehensive neighborhood plan


  • 20% reduction in crime
  • 25% reduction in teen births
  • 15% increase in graduation rates

Park Avenue Neighborhood Plan

The Park Avenue Neighborhood Plan is a result of three years of public engagement involving surveys, workshops, public meetings, and an equity analysis. In 2019 the update to the 2008 Park Avenue Redevelopment Study was launched with the formation of a 17 member steering committee who met monthly to help guide the consultant and ensure the neighborhood values were well represented. The document includes an analysis of the changes since 2008 and identifies goals and strategies that will guide future development organized around eight themes.

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Cover of Park Avenue Neighborhood Plan PDF [ shows rows of illustrated neighborhood buildings on a blue background ]