Arturo’s Story

Arturo moved into a high poverty neighborhood as a teenager nearly 15 years ago. Unfortunately, with little family support and no high school education, he soon found himself out of work and homeless.

Fast-forward to the present day, through his involvement with inCOMMON and other community partners, Arturo:

  • Received his GED
  • Bought a house
  • Became an adult education instructor
  • Is an empowered community leader

Arturo has seen first-hand how struggling neighborhoods can limit residents from reaching their full potential. That’s why he’s committed to working with his neighbors to make their neighborhood a safe and healthy place to raise their families. Because of Arturo, and the local leadership he’s developing, future generations who grow up in Park Ave will have opportunities he never did.

Arturo’s story is a powerful picture of inCOMMON’s vision:  through local leaders, vulnerable neighborhoods are transformed into places of life, hope, and opportunity.

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