Danny’s (Hero) Story

Danny has lived in Park Ave and been part of the inCOMMON community for 10 years. He first came to be a part of inCOMMON through our youth programming. He was a typical young boy, full of energy, a little bit wild, and at times difficult to redirect. However, Danny’s most pronounced trait, loyalty, has allowed him opportunities to grow over the years. 

As Danny got into high school, he started showing an interest in helping out more with things outside of the youth program. He started assisting with block parties, trash pick up days, tree planting and other activities. Danny is especially motivated by challenging projects that involve heavy lifting or assembly. Countless times Danny has lent a hand to move furniture and assemble new fixtures for inCOMMON’s community centers. 

Over the last couple of years, Danny has shown tremendous growth. He has shown increased responsibility and a desire to continue learning. He serves as an assistant leader to the youth program where he helps decide meals, activities, and projects from week to week. He is faithful to show up every week, does whatever is asked of him, and exhibits a deep ownership over what he is involved in. In this role, Danny has also served as a Coach for our summer soccer club for two years now. He is serving as an example for younger kids in the neighborhood and continues to grow as a local leader. 

Danny was a clear pick for the 2022 Neighborhood Hero award. He has been involved in almost everything that happens in the neighborhood and never declines an opportunity to help. His story is one that we want to see repeated among all our youth as they mature into young adults eager to serve their community.

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