Danny’s Story

Danny is one of Park Ave’s most energetic and loyal neighbors. He has been an active member of inCOMMON’s youth program since its early days and is faithful to participate in nearly every activity. Hard work is a part of Danny’s DNA and he always offers to help with everything from set-up to outreach!

In the spring of 2021, Danny had the opportunity to work on an art project that has played an important role in bringing his neighborhood together. Mentored by talented local artist, Illaamen, Danny helped design and install a beautifully whimsical piece alongside the bus line directly on Park Ave. This colorful and vibrant installation adds such a sweet sense of community in the neighborhood – it’s a must-see!

There are three aspects of the painting that are especially noteworthy. First, it highlights the power of youth leadership in the neighborhood. Youth are oftentimes viewed as future leaders (or worse), but Danny’s present-day leadership has given the whole neighborhood something to be proud of. Second, the various animals depicted waiting for the bus celebrate the diversity of Park Ave and remind us that our differences need not separate us. Lastly, the art piece is especially meaningful as Danny was able to honor his father who passed in 2020 by designing one of the characters in his memory.

This art project reminds us of the role each one of us can play in making our neighborhoods stronger. Though just one young leader, and one blank wall, Park Ave now has one more place to come together to celebrate the color and vibrancy of this unique community.

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