Kailene’s Story

Meet inCOMMON’s 2021 Neighborhood Hero Award Winner for Walnut Hill – Kailene!

This past year in Walnut Hill, we have been so blessed to have neighborhood leaders innovating and creating space for the community to happen in homes and on city streets. One of those is long-term resident (33years to be exact) Kailene Dixon.

Kailene hosted a block party on Decatur street, which was well attended by neighbors. To get the word out, Kailene used a mixture of door-to-door flyers and posts on the website Nextdoor.com where she functions as a neighborhood mediator. But these aren’t the only spaces Kailene is involved in.

At the start of fall 2021, Kailene helped inCOMMON break ground on the Walnut Hill neighborhood plan. A group established to help all voice in our neighborhood be heard and strategize projects for the longevity of neighborhood development. 

Kailene’s ultimate hope for this work is to provide children more neighborhood activities, and families with more parks and recreation, and our community with resources.  

For all her involvement and her love for the neighborhood Kailene was award the 2021 Neighborhood Hero Award! We are so thankful for kailene and all the initiative she brings to her work in the neighborhood.

Interview with Kailene

Tell us about your experience in the neighborhood.

I lived here for 33 years and i love the diversity and the closeness and the resources we have as far churches and schools and safe environment for the kids. [Some of my favorite places are] the water reservoir and I would have to say bemis park.

You obviously were involved in a lot of activities in the neighborhood this year. Which activity was your favorite this year and why?‎

My favorite was being the Nextdoor mediator, on the app, I enjoy doing that. Getting connected in the community and busting people.

What do you think makes a good neighbor? Why does it matter to you to be a good neighbor? ‎

Being humble. I would like to know that I have someone else who is watching my back

What do you hope your neighborhood will be like in five years or ten years? What’s your dream for Walnut Hill? ‎‎

More things for the children to do, some type of resource center for them, as well as parks and recreation and more places for us to do family things.

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