Kate’s Story

In the summer of 2021, our neighbor Kate had the idea to start a soccer club for youth in the neighborhood. She knew of several kids just on her block that would be interested and thought it would be a great outdoor activity. That summer about 10 kids came every week to have fun learning soccer. Kate loved that neighborhood youth had space to come together to have fun.

Fast forward to 2022. Kate wanted to continue the summer soccer club and to make sure more kids knew about the opportunity. Through the local elementary schools, she promoted the idea and got feedback from parents. That hard work led to over 30 kids showing up the first night, with over 20 kids coming back each week. What started as a small idea the previous year had grown into an exciting outlet for all youth in the neighborhood. 

What’s more, this club has created a space for youth leadership development. Danny, an inCOMMON youth participant for many years, has helped run drills for the younger kids for two years now. Timmy, another area teenager, jumped in to help this year. They both worked to be better coaches for the younger kids and help make Soccer Club a lasting asset for the neighborhood! 

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