Tiffany & Luis’s Story

One of the joys of working with youth over a long period of time is being able to see them develop as neighborhood leaders. Tiffany and Luis are two longtime neighborhood residents who started out participating in our youth program. While participants in the youth program, they exemplified leadership by sharing ideas on how to improve the program and taking on responsibilities as student leaders.

This demonstrated leadership led to them being selected to participate in inCOMMON’s Local Leader School alongside other neighborhood residents. They were by far the youngest participants, but were just motivated and eager to strategize to improve their neighborhood. They shared great ideas on how to bring neighbors together and how to serve people experiencing homelessness in the area.

Tiffany and Luis have since graduated from high school and are pursuing different career opportunities, yet they still remain involved with inCOMMON as neighborhood leaders. In fact, this past Spring and Summer they took on a joint internship with the Youth Program and Community Development initiatives. They brought their experience as youth participants to bear on the current programming for youth. Together they organized activities and events for the youth. Additionally, they support the second year of the neighborhood soccer club. They used their bilingual skills to help with outreach and get kids registered to play soccer.

Tiffany and Luis are standout neighbors who love their community. A love that started when they were younger and has only continued to grow as they have gotten older. We are blessed to have them as neighbors and know they will continue to represent Park Ave into the future!

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