Marla’s Story

Walnut Hill is a neighborhood full of people ready to help out and celebrate every aspect of life…Marla is no exception! Marla has lived in Walnut Hill since 1985. She attended Central High School, where she met her husband, Willie. They have 5 daughters who all live here in Omaha. 

Marla, like other neighbors, came to the community center when it was still Olympia Bicycle Shop. They bought their girls first bikes at the shop, and came into the shop often to get their bikes worked on. Marla attends Augustana Church on 41st Avenue, where she sings in the choir.

“This neighborhood has literally been my whole foundation, the support that I have been surrounded by from neighbors and friends gave me strength in difficult times.” Marla has been a part of the community center at Walnut Hill since we began work in this neighborhood. She helped out at the grand opening of Walnut Hill Commons in 2022, serving food to neighbors and making new friends. Since that time, Marla has been involved in any way she can, from community meals, to donating and planting trees & plants in the neighborhood. She never misses an opportunity to give back to the neighborhood that has given her so much. As she stated to me, “It takes a village, and Walnut Hill has been my village.”

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