The Diamonds’ Story

The “Diamonds” are an amazing group of neighborhood high-schoolers who are super-passionate about soccer and seeing other kids in the neighborhood have a safe place to play. 

The Diamonds know the difference safe play places make. For years, the only spaces they had to play in were dangerous empty lots littered with concrete rubble and razor-edged, broken metal signs… but then they took matters into their own hands.

During a neighborhood planning meeting, the Diamonds campaigned to prioritize the renovation of a soccer field located in a nearby city park and their voices were heard. Renovations of the soccer field became the neighborhoods #1 project. Soon thereafter, they set to work making their dream a reality.

Over the course of several months, they won the support of their City Council representative, secured approval from the director of the Parks Department, and received a $40,000 grant from the Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance.

Today, because this group of young leaders, there’s a new soccer field located in Hanscom Park for the Diamonds, and generations that come behind them, to enjoy. Equally powerful, each member of the Diamonds now possesses tangible leadership and civic engagement skills that will carry forward with them as they grow up to become adult leaders of their community.  

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