Ana Bernal

ESL Coordinator

Ana has lived in the Park Ave neighborhood for 7 years now. Her involvement with inCOMMON began at a young age. Ana volunteered at the inCOMMON community garden that is located in the neighborhood during the summer. She has also attended inCOMMON block parties. At the block party, Ana helped her mom out at her taco stand serving neighbors in the community as they enjoyed fun and games.

When asked what she loves most about her Park Ave neighborhood, Ana will happily say that she loves her neighborhood because you feel included and have a sense of belonging. She also says that every single person makes sure to lend a hand, everyone is always so friendly!

In 2022, Ana came on board at inCOMMON as the ESL coordinator, and she has really taken this position on as her own. She is a friendly and familiar face greeting her neighbors for class, and helping them reach their goals! This is what Ana had to say about her new role at inCOMMON:

I have always loved working with people who are just like me. I think that's what makes this role so special and important because we are all willing to learn and grow as a community and working together with the people that I grew up with in this community has made me as an individual want to work harder to make sure I'm someone that can make a difference in their lives.

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